Greg Saroka founded Goldray Industries in 1985, as a fledgling decorative glass company. Over the past 30 years, Greg has been instrumental in growing and developing not only the business, but also the many proprietary products that have made Goldray one of the leading decorative architectural glass manufacturers in North America.

In the product development area, Greg has successfully developed innovative products and processes for the decoration of glass including sandblasting technology; coating processes using organic and inorganic coatings; and various laminating technology. He has studied all aspects of the float glass process and has an in-depth understanding of primary and secondary glass manufacturing. His extensive experience includes tempering, laminating, fabrication, insulating and mirror manufacturing.

On the installation side, Greg has been involved with the engineering and installation of decorative glass installations of increasing complexity, both traditional and non-traditional. He has also worked tirelessly to increase the size of the decorative glass market to the benefit of the glass industry in general.

Greg has also proven his expertise and passion for glass to others outside the industry. He has given AIA accredited technical presentations on decorative glass to over 1000 architects, designers and glazing contractors and participated in a panel discussion of primary glass manufacturers on the future of the glass industry. He has spoken to the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators on decorative glass and to the University of Alberta Business Students Association on entrepreneurship.