Michael has worked in the glass manufacturing industry since 1996, managing many aspects of Goldray's product and system development. Michael has developed various technologies that have allowed Goldray to increase its product capabilities and solve complicated design problems facing architects. Michael engineered, coded and supported Goldray's ERP software. This custom software not only helps manage the resources of the company, but also controls equipment and tracks orders and costs throughout the company. In addition, Michael has transitioned every manual process at Goldray to automated processes. Michael ensures that Goldray's technical operations support a factory that is consistent and client-focused.

Michael is also passionate about growing the glass market by developing new products and untraditional areas where glass can be utilized. Michael studies technology used in different industries and looks at ways to apply them to the glass industry.

In addition to Michael's technical skill, he is also very product-focused, with a keen eye for design. He has helped create many innovative new glass products - from traction control frit to double-sided frit to paint and graphics technologies.