Spotlight on our People: Lou Palma

One of the newest members of the Goldray Glass crew, Lou Palma is the latest addition to our outstanding Operations team. Working alongside our Plant Engineer, Prince Ruchogeza, Lou has been a problem-solver from his first day here. His in-depth knowledge of the autoclave, which we use to laminate glass, has allowed us to keep it running at optimal levels, ensuring production is at its peak!

When Lou isn’t doodling in AutoCAD or assembling glass conference tables at Goldray, he focuses on his passion of wedding videography. The thrill he gets from seeing the reactions of his clients when they see their special day captured on film, is the greatest payment he could receive. While Lou is most comfortable behind the lens, he is certainly not camera-shy. Personable and charismatic, Lou has a smile for everyone he meets, as well as funny anecdotes to add to any water-cooler chats with co-workers.

Bit by the travel bug at a young age, Lou has trekked the globe both with friends and solo. He and his family immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in the late 90’s, and made many trips back to visit relatives. However, once Lou was of age his travels broadened across the rest of Asia, to China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and others. Seeing the cultural differences between these countries, that often border one another, was an incredible learning experience for Lou, and has helped shape the person he is today.

Clichés have stuck around for good reason, and the one that proclaims “You are only as good as the company you keep” is no exception. The people at Goldray are the culture, the heart and the means by which we will succeed. With that being said, please help us welcome Lou into the Goldray family!