Technographic Interlayer: Bringing spaces to life

In recent years, Goldray Glass has received numerous requests for products to showcase a specific photograph or photo-realistic image. One way that we are able to accomplish this is with a process we call Technographic Interlayer, whereby various colors and patterns are printed directly onto a film, which is then laminated between two or more layers of glass. This process produces high-resolution images that often surpass other traditional methods of bringing unique design into a space.

Technographic Interlayer is a unique medium for image display in both the commercial and private sectors. Customers can choose from a variety of glass textures, and combine multiple processes with the laminating, such as backpainting or ceramic frit. Partitions, art installations, glass doors and walls are just some of the applications, however many architects and designers find other uses when envisioning their spaces.

The transparent film can be used to bring natural light deeper into the space or to create a semi-private area with customized graphic panels. The other alternative is to print on an opaque film, which can then be used as wall cladding, with the same level of customization of colors and patterns.

Enbridge is a Calgary-based oil and gas company that renovated their space in 2014 and chose Goldray Glass for multiple aspects of the project.  A beautiful violet-hued graphic was applied as a Technographic Interlayer to multiple panels, which were then installed in pairs throughout seven floors of the downtown offices. These partition walls are set as dividers, one between the kitchen and lounge, and the other separating the eating area from the elevator lobby.

Goldray Glass believes that every building deserves to be beautiful. We enjoy working directly with the design teams to turn their vision into a reality, whether it be a brand-new concept or reinventing a traditional process to work within the space.