Apache: Using Color to Ignite a Space and Inspire Employees

When relocating their Canadian regional headquarters, Apache wanted to take the opportunity to rebrand, improve workplace collaboration, and attract the industry’s top professionals. Designed by Architecture firm Gensler in Dallas, Apache’s new headquarters in Calgary, Alberta is a great example of how an open-concept floorplan, daylighting, and a strategic use of color can work together to create a functional and inviting space for both employees and visitors.

In designing this project, Kelly Moore drew her inspiration from the various colors found in the striations of the earth. Based on this, each floor of the building was given a different signature color, determined by the department and work activities taking place there. The hues were selected with the aim to encourage conversation, nurture creativity, or boost energy and included a deep purple, vibrant orange, playful light blue and cheerful yellow, amongst several others. It has been scientifically proven that color and light are huge factors in boosting productivity and the feeling of overall well being.

Included on each floor is a backpainted glass and metal feature wall in the floor’s signature color. Gensler chose glass for the feature walls because, unlike paint, the colors you can achieve with backpainted glass are much more vibrant, creating an intense and eye-catching visual effect.  In addition to providing backpainted glass, Goldray and DIRTT Environmental Solutions collaborated to create transparent glass office walls and laminated glass colored doors designed to match the floor’s signature color. The complex project was not without challenges, as matching the green backpainted glass to the transparent office doors on the 18th floor proved to be difficult. To resolve this, Goldray communicated frequently with the architects and tried several different options, Gensler’s Suzanne Simpson notes that “You have to get your glass from somewhere reputable…Goldray didn’t stop until they had a perfect match”. Once complete, the new headquarters resulted in increased employee satisfaction and collaboration, as well as improved company recruitment efforts.

Goldray Glass would like to thank our sales representative Gloria Johnson, Gensler, Bennett Glass, DIRTT Environmental Solutions, and Apache for making this project possible.