Goldray's Decorative Laminated Glass is a type of multi-ply glass consisting of an assembly of two or more lites of glass bonded with an interlayer. A dynamic array of colors, textures and patterns can be combined using the laminating process to create special effects not possible with monolithic panels.

The process of laminating dichroic film, custom graphics, or solid color specialty film in between two lites of glass is a very popular method employed when additional strength, safety, acoustic control and ultimate creativity are paramount to the success of your project.

Some of our most popular samples and projects are laminated including; the Cannon Design Lobby in Chicago, an architect's backsplash that highlights an interesting geometric pattern, and of course our line of Dichroic products. Each of these have a dimension and depth to them that could not have been achieved without the layering effect of multiple pieces of glass and a colored or multi-faceted interlayer.

Used in both interior and exterior applications, the laminating process can be thought of as making a sandwich with two or more panels of glass and custom graphics on the inside. The interlayer, or bonding agent, melts when heated, creating an indestructible bond that holds together when shattered. Our research and development team is constantly experimenting with different interlayers, sourced from around the world, seeking the best choices for strength, clarity and the specifics of your project.

Due to the additional strength and acoustic control when compared to monolithic lites, laminated glass is used for safety or security glass and in applications that require sound control. Laminating is often used to manufacture stairs, balustrades, office partitions, canopies, elevator interiors, and countless other applications where color vibrancy, texture, and pattern are combined to create a custom design that speaks to your creativity.