First Surface Ceramic Frit

In the not too distant past the application of ceramic frit on first surface building exteriors would result in weathering from the elements. Goldray saw this challenge as an opportunity, and were able to obtain a ceramic frit to be applied on the first surface of glass.

In addition to more vibrant images, the shading coefficient is increased and most importantly glare is significantly reduced. Goldray's First Surface Ceramic Frit has encouraged the specification of glass, which as a building material offers design flexibility.

A benefit of first surface ceramic frit is it's ability to prevent bird strikes. Bird Friendly glass is quickly becoming common request within the architectural industry as millions of birds are killed every year due to impacts with reflective building materials.

Features & Benefits

  • First Surface Ceramic Frit can be applied to glass for a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to design needs as well as acting as a bird collision deterrence feature.
  • Goldray products produced with First Surface Ceramic Frit are highly durable, long lasting and abrasion resistant.
    It is available in laminated or monolithic form.
  • Studies have shown that patterns covering as little as 5% of the total glass surface can deter 90% of bird strikes under experimental conditions.
  • Most birds will not attempt to fly through horizontal spaces less than 2" high nor through vertical spaces 4" wide or less. Goldray recommends that patterns on glass are designed to follow the 2" x 4" rule.


art installations

counter tops

elevator cabs

flooring stairs

marker boards



wall cladding

Product Specifications


Glass Thickness:
Any combination of flat glass 3mm (1/8") to 19mm (3/4").
Large selection of in-house patterns and a comprehensive graphics lab for creating custom patterns.
Goldray's First Surface Ceramic Frit is available in many standard and custom colors.
Pattern is required to be on the exterior surface of the glass to deter collision effectively.
Heat Treating:
This product is available on either fully tempered glass in thicknesses of 4mm (1/8") to 19mm (3/4") or heat strengthened glass in thicknesses of 3mm (1/8") to 10mm (3/8").
Standard edgework for Bird Friendly Glass is a seamed edge. Flat polished or flat ground edges are also available.
Fabrication for installation and hardware is available. See Goldray's Fabrication Limitations for more information.

Technical Data

Film Thickness:
~15 microns
Acid Resistance:
20-hour Sulphuric Acid produces slight iridescence.
Alkali Resistance:
<.10 weight loss
3 Year Exterior Exposure:
No Visible Attack
Heavy Metal Release:
Average Opacity:
Varies upon pattern and application

Applicable Industry Standards

ASTM C1036
Standard Specification for Flat Glass
ASTM C1048
Standard Specification for Heat-Treated Flat Glass-Kind HS, Kind FT Coated and Uncoated Glass
ASTM C1172
Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass
Standard Test Method for Acid Resistance of Ceramic Decoration on Architectural-Type Glass

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