MOSAIC is a fully-framed wall cladding system designed to make decorative glass installation easier than ever before. As an all-in-one solution, mosaic is developed to your design specifications and delivered ready to install in a simple, snap-together fashion. The quick and simple installation process limits project downtime, which in turn reduces overall costs and helps to maintain tight schedules. The mosaic framework is built with tolerances to accommodate any out of square wall imperfections, ensuring the finished installation is custom fit. Additionally, the edge protection offered by the aluminum frame creates a polished appearance that will provide enduring strength and beauty.

MOSAIC was developed with architects and designers in mind, as it offers enhanced design flexibility. The ability to select both your glass makeup and desired frame finish ensures there is a mosaic solution to compliment any design. With the option to add a backlit panel, magnetic backing, a matte projectable finish, or a custom image, the design opportunities are virtually endless.

Product Specifications


Glass Thickness:
4mm to 10mm. The total maximum thickness will vary based on the mosaic profile selected.
Decorative Glass Makeup:
Any of Goldray’s decorative glass processes can be used and/or combined to achieve the desired design outcome.
Virtually any color can be achieved using Goldray’s advanced color matching techniques.
Mosaic Frame:
The mosaic frame will be +0mm / -0.5mm OD. The system is designed to compensate for drywall tolerances.
Frame Finishes:
Clear Anodized, Bronze, Black, Champagne. Some frame finish options may depend on minimum order quantity.
Prefabricated to your specifications and delivered ready to install.

Technical Data

Color Tolerance:
1 Delta E (CIE LAB) (ASTM D 2244)
Passes ASTM D 3359
Installation Materials:
Goldray Glass includes all wall clips and finishing pieces necessary for installation.
Flame Spread Index:
Laminated Glass - 20. Backpainted Glass - 0.
Smoke Developed Index:
Laminated Glass - 160. Backpainted Glass - 20.

Applicable Industry Standards

ASTM E84 Test
Classification A Rating
ASTM C1036
Standard Specification for Flat Glass
ASTM C1048
Standard Specification for Heat-Treated Flat Glass - Kind HS, Kind FT Coated and Uncoated Glass
ASTM C1172
Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass

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