Boston Walk to the Sea

In developing the Boston Walk to the Sea glass columns, Goldray Glass worked closely with the architects to create decorative glass sturdy enough to withstand the inclement weather often experienced near the water, yet sleek and visually appealing to area visitors. A thick 4-ply laminated glass design was settled upon, which included a technographic interlayer film printed with the map and photo imagery. Low iron glass was chosen for it's crystal-clear transparency, allowing visitors to easily view the images and text within.

In the fall of 2015, our Account Manager Danielle visited the Boston area. On her trip, she made sure to visit the Boston Walk to the Sea and view Goldray's decorative glass columns in person. The experience was like putting in the final piece of a puzzle as Danielle was filled with a sense of pride, "Watching the other passersby interacting with our installation was a kind of recognition that awards just can't offer". We look forward to the next project that affords us the opportunity to be a part of something so historic, educational and beautiful.



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