Goldray Glass worked with Gensler's design team to develop the curved decorative glass wall and bring the design idea to life. The real magic is the distinct pattern applied using a ceramic frit coating, which is what creates the skyline image. Ceramic frit is an enamel ink applied to glass, which permanently fuses to the surface at temperatures in excess of 1200°F. When walking alongside the installation, the sleek bend in the glass creates a 3D effect of the downtown image, making it appear to move and change. This multi-dimensional illusion is a result of the ceramic frit design combined with strategically placed layers of mirror, glass and film. The unique iridescent color of the partition wall comes from the reflection of light off of the dichroic glass, which changes depending on the viewing angle. Goldray's architectural dichroic glass is a truly unique and innovative product, manufactured using 3M's premium grade polymeric film.

Once complete, the Reunion Tower dichroic glass partition is a stunning addition to the updated building. In 2015, Glass Magazine bestowed their Most Innovative Decorative Glass Project: Interior award to the Reunion Tower glass. Receiving this award was an honor to all of the companies involved in the project, as it is a distinction awarded by peers within the glass industry.