Form and function. An old adage proclaimed that ‘necessity is the mother of invention', which is exactly what encouraged Goldray to design their new wall cladding systems. HUGO, Reveal and Ambiance are a trio of engineered, mechanically fastened wall systems with the versatility to be mounted to a variety of solid surfaces.

Pioneering the Goldray Wall Cladding Systems is HUGO, the most flexible glass product to date. The benefits of HUGO are limitless; enabling glass to be used as a versatile building component is just the tip of the iceberg. Glazing Contractors will appreciate the secure, yet simple method of installation as it will drastically reduce material and labour costs. While Architects and Designers will love the customization of sizes, color combinations and variety of mounting options that incorporates HUGO seamlessly into their design concept.

Reveal is an interchangeable panel system that is configured based on the customer's needs and wants. Framed glass is attached to the wall using an interlocking style of bracket, creating a collage of texture and color. Digital Ceramic Printing, Back Painted, Silkscreened Ceramic Frit and Technographic Interlayer glass can all be utilized in this system. Mix and match applications to impress depth and vibrancy on each panel.

Ambiance is a variation on the Reveal system, with the addition of an LED-backlit panel. This illumination brings immediate attention to the glass, as well as to the application. Our initial image selection for this system was of a digitally printed black and white marble. To say it was an absolute crowd-pleaser at NeoCon East 2015, would be an understatement. Visible from over a hundred feet away, visitors were drawn to our display to inquire as to how we achieved this masterpiece.

Engineered products like HUGO, Reveal and Ambiance were designed as solutions to challenges found in the architectural decorative glass industry. By limiting installation time and costs each project will be a reflection of the customers desired vision.