Posted: 4 years ago

The Beauty of QuickFrost

Electrified glass offers privacy on demand

Now you see it, now you don’t! That’s the beauty of QuickFrost™our switchable privacy glass. While glass is a revolutionary and aesthetically pleasing material that has allowed us to open up a room with its transparent qualities, at the flick of a switch we can readily transform its look and function. With an increased desire for multi-functional spaces, the architecture industry has pushed for innovative glass solutions that meet the needs of today’s evolving infrastructures. QuickFrost can change from clear to diffused, or semi-opaque on demand.

Natural lighting has been touted for its many aesthetic and health benefits by designers and researchers. Several reports have declared that day lit environments increase occupant productivity and comfort, and provide mental and visual stimulation. We see this in children who are better able to focus on their school work as well as office workers who benefit from more regulated moods. It is hard to dispute that we generally feel better on sunny days.  

How It Works

Goldray Glass’ QuickFrost is made by laminating a Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film between two glass lites and attaching the glass to a power source. When an electric current is applied to the film, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) particles react, causing the crystals within the film to align and the glass to appear in it’s non-privacy state. In it’s “off” state, with no electricity applied, the crystals will revert back to their original position in the film, offering enhanced privacy as the view through the glass is obstructed. In recent years, new films have been produced that require less electricity to activate the LCDs, improving the overall clarity of the glass in it’s non-privacy state. Goldray Glass uses the latest generation of switchable film, ensuring a high-quality product that is more accessible to architects and designers than ever before.

With an array of versatile applications, here are a few ways that QuickFrost can fit into a variety of design needs:

Enhanced Privacy

QuickFrost provides an aesthetically pleasing and discrete privacy solution for a variety of room separations. It can instantly add versatility to a space by converting a transparent glass divider into a  non-see-through partition wall for rooms in offices, hotels, hospitals and clinics that require a higher lever of privacy. It can also be quite useful in other places where discretion and security are important design features, such as screening rooms and safety deposit areas in banks.

UV Protection

On a warm day, even the most heavily air-conditioned buildings can become uncomfortable. As traditional windows let in heat due to UV light, QuickFrost is able to reduce transparency and offers protection against 99% of UV radiation. 

Versatile Spaces

 “To tear down a building whose structure does not expire, or inadequate usage of a space is a waste of resources. One important character of a sustainable city and building is to be energy and resource saving. Versatile space could help to develop a sustainable city and building.” - Haile LI

Using QuickFrost provides architects and designers an option to drastically change the dynamics of a room by using the scale of transparency.  Spaces can serve various functions when required on a moments notice. By utilizing QuickFrost glass partitions, room occupants have the choice between a discreet and private setting or to transform the glass back to being transparent with the flick of a switch.

Low Maintenance

In addition to a sleek aesthetic, QuickFrost offers a non-porous, easy-to-clean, surface that is ideal for maintaining a clean environment. When you are ready to install, QuickFrost is versatile and can fit within a variety of framing solutions.

Considering QuickFrost for your next project?

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