Alloy Designs

Alloy Designs is the marriage of glass and metal that is the secret weapon of the extraordinary designer. This unique finish kicks the design element up a notch as it combines the two things that elevate function and imagination - glass and mirror.

Alloy Designs features a titanium coating that creates a decorative and highly reflective product when applied to the glass. Alloy Designs offers enhanced design flexibility as it can be used in virtually any pattern. The office, restaurant, gallery, etc., doesn't have to be boring. Add some creative flair and brand personality with Alloy Designs!

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Product Specifications


  • Alloy
    • AD_LN0000 (Damask)
    • AD_LN0001 (Neuronical)
    • AD_LN0002 (Spun)
    • AD_LD0001 (Nebula)
    • AD_LS0001 (Video)


  • SI Designation: 4mm
    • Traditional Designation: 5/32in
    • Glass Makeup Thickness Range: (min mm; 3.86 & max mm; 4.27) (min in; 0.152 & max in; 0.168)
    • Glass Weight: (kg/sqm; 11.70) (lb/sqft; 2.40)

  • SI Designation: 5mm
    • Traditional Designation: 3/16in
    • Glass Makeup Thickness Range: (min mm; 4.63 & max mm; 5.13) (min in; 0.183 & max in; 0.202)
    • Glass Weight: (kg/sqm; 13.85) (lb/sqft; 2.84)

  • SI Designation: 6mm
    • Traditional Designation: 1/4in
    • Glass Makeup Thickness Range: (min mm; 5.64 & max mm; 6.83) (min in; 0.222 & max in; 0.269)
    • Glass Weight: (kg/sqm; 16.73) (lb/sqft; 3.43)


  • Average Opacity: Will depend on glass makeup used
  • ANSI 97.1: Passed
  • 16CFR 1201: Passed


Goldray's Alloy Designs comply with all major building codes and meets the following industry standards:

  • ASTM C1036: Specification for Flat Glass
  • ASTM C1048: Specification for Heat-Treated Flat Glass - Kind FS, Kind FT Coated and Uncoated Glass

Click on the link to download a copy of our Alloy Designs Technical Data Sheet

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