• Interior/Exterior
  • Glossy/Matte
  • Durable

Control the light, feel the texture.


Bring transparency, precision, and texture with virtually any fabric. Originally designed for solar control - fabric panels, like metal mesh, control the sunlight coming into your windows while providing visual interest and a textured lighting effect.

We invite our customers to source their own fabric in any texture, color, print, or pattern. Choose a luxurious blend, natural fiber, or a colorful print. Our lamination process provides an extra safety feature by default of the production process, adding fall-out protection, protecting people from glass debris should an incident occur. On-trend, all-class, and super-safe!

Strong and elegant, this line has developed a reputation for being a stylish and practical decorative material in modern architecture.

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Features & Benefits

Suitable for interior and exterior applications

Highly customizable

Can be combined with other products

Highly durable and abrasion resistant

Glass in Action

Make a statement with the fabrics that inspire you. Provide your beautiful textiles and we will encapsulate it in glass, providing you with texture, durability, and beauty.

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