Partial Privacy

  • Interior/Exterior
  • Glossy/Matte
  • Durable

Obscure, conceal, or separate spaces without losing natural light.


Obscure, conceal, or separate spaces without losing natural light.

If you seek to obscure, create a sense of separation, solitude, and privateness while leveraging light transmission, privacy bands are the perfect solution. Available in four density levels, these bands can vary in size and application. Bands placed at the bottom of a glass panel can help to obscure unsightly items like wires, boxes, and other items from view. Bands used in the middle and higher sections of glass panels give a sense of privacy and separation within a shared space. This application is often used on showers doors, office doors, meeting room partitions, or for dividers between desks.

Privacy bands are a great way to provide privacy, warmth, and light into any collaborative space.

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Product Color Options

4 Unique Colors
Partial Privacy Etched Band websize
Partial Privacy Etched Band websize

Etched Band

Available in:

Features & Benefits

Suitable for interior applications

Standard and custom options available

Highly durable and abrasion resistant

Can be combined with other products

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Partial Privacy Screen
Privacy bands on glass panels allow for views to be obscured while still utilizing the light and the human energy in a space.
Partial Privacy USDA
Activity outside of a space can be distracting and sometimes, activities happening behind doors need confidentiality. This can easily be achieved by adding a decorative and functional element to the glass selected.
Partial Privacy websize

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