Construction of glass flooring and stairs, when executed correctly, can be both stunning and functional. Sightlines, privacy, and safety are the three major concerns when contemplating the use of glass, but the after-effect is worth it. Goldray's Traction Control Frit (also known as HT Frit) provides a solution to all of these challenges.

One of the more memorable projects include the glass overlay on the floor of Flames Central in Calgary, Canada. The image below the glass is of a flaming "C" the local NHL team's logo. The application of Goldray's Traction Control Frit ensures the safety of patrons, without altering the vision of the image.

Another highly acclaimed installation is the gorgeous, LED-lit floating staircase at a residence in Aspen, Colorado. Each stair was laminated in a 3-ply format to provide stability and reflect the LED lighting to create a beautiful visual aesthetic. A clear HT Frit was applied resulting in a high traction surface that doesn't impede upon the overall perception.

The architects in both instances chose glass because of its transparent properties. In order to keep the sight-lines crisp, clean and uninterrupted, an application of clear HT Frit was required. Some projects may wish to incorporate color into the application, and while Traction Control Frit is translucent, it can be tinted or applied over the top of other Ceramic Frit colors for added design flexibility.

Safety is one of the largest concerns when working with glass, whether it be in manufacturing, installation, or everyday use. Glass is naturally a non-porous, smooth building material, which is desirable for many circumstances. However, when applied as flooring or stairs, public safety must be the top priority. Laminating or tempering provides safety measures in the unfortunate event of breakage, but Traction Control Frit offers protection against slips and falls.

At Goldray we believe Every Building Deserves To Be Beautiful, which is why we work with our clients to ensure their vision becomes a reality, without compromising safety or aesthetics.