Mirror mirror on the wall who is so reflective, intriguing, and functional? Yes, you are!

The magic of mirrors has been prominent in our lives, starting with childhood stories – from talking mirrors on the wall to portals to step through into different worlds, mirrors have fed our imaginations.

In the world of adulthood and reality, we still turn to mirrors to bring fun, elegance, depth, and transformation to our surroundings. Mirrors are the ultimate chameleons as they can use their magical reflective power to expand or dissolve a space and shift our experience and perception.

If you want to make a modern or retro-vintage statement, then every design toolbox should include a selection of mirror samples. A mirrored feature wall can add a sense of space. Mirrors, as an architectural glass feature is also available for our wall cladding systems, Mosaic and Nova.

Mirrored wall panels aren’t just timeless and attractive; they are also easy to take care of and offer excellent longevity. Unlike other materials, such as timber and drywall, you don’t have to worry about moisture build-up damaging your mirror paneling or leading to mold growth.

Mirrors are simply extraordinary!