Goldray Glass' QuickFrost™ is a switchable privacy glass that allows a glass lite to go from opaque privacy, to non-privacy glass at the flick of a switch. This product has quickly gained popularity in commercial environments, including corporate and healthcare settings due to its ability to allow light transmission, while quickly providing privacy when needed. In addition to a sleek aesthetic, QuickFrost™ offers a non-porous, easy-to-clean, surface that is ideal for maintaining a clean environment. When you are ready to install, QuickFrost is versatile and can fit within a variety of framing solutions. Based on your design specifications, our team will assist you in determining the best panel size and installation method to ensure you can quickly and easily incorporate QuickFrost into your next project.

QuickFrost is made by laminating a switchable film between two glass lites and attaching the glass to a power source. When an electric current is applied to the film, the LCD particles react, causing the crystals within the film to align and the glass to appear in it’s non-privacy state. In it’s “off” state, with no electricity applied, the crystals will revert back to their original position in the film, offering enhanced privacy as the view through the glass is obstructed. In recent years, new films have been produced that require less electricity to activate the LCDs, improving the overall clarity of the glass in it’s non-privacy state. Goldray Glass currently uses the latest generation of switchable film, ensuring a high-quality product that is more accessible to architects and designers than ever before.