Cannon designers worked with Goldray to create the custom decorative glass for their elevator lobby. The design included both a projection glass wall and unique decorative glass wall panels for the elevator surrounds. To achieve the desired cloud-like look on the projection glass, we applied a ceramic frit in a gradient pattern. The bottom portion of the wall is transparent clear glass, which transitions to opaque at the top as the density of the gradient pattern intensifies. This two-sided glass wall is successful in both form and function, offering a projection glass surface on one side and a writable glass surface on the other.

To make the process slightly more challenging, Cannon's team was comprised of several designers with varying creative concepts to incorporate into the design. The overarching theme to all of the input was something atypical, which resulted in a custom decorative glass elevator lobby that was both orange and metallic-looking. A multitude of processes was required to create this vision, starting with a colored interlayer laminated between two panels of glass. The inboard lite has a silvered coating that causes a reflection of the colored interlayer, which is then diffused with a ceramic frit design on the first surface of the glass. The finished glass wall panels are truly stunning, and create a welcoming environment for visitors and employees.