Digital Ceramic Printing is a technology that applies ceramic ink directly onto glass in much the same way that an inkjet printer prints onto paper. This solution allows the designer to create multi­color or photographic quality images for either monolithic or laminated installations

The number of images and multitude of colors in this design led Domenica Kemper Architects to choose the direct-to-glass digital printing process. The Dip­Tech digital printing machine was used to create the image panels which were then insulated with a Solarban60 interior lite for additional solar control.

The challenge with this project was the architect’s vision of a design that could be viewed from the exterior, without obscuring the visibility when looking out from inside the fitness center. Goldray was able to provide a solution to this quandary by proposing a very specific dot pattern be used when printing. This arrangement of dots allows clear vision from the inside of the building, yet providing a uniform mural like display on the outside. Patrons using the facilities in the morning are privy to a most spectacular view of the sun rising up over the image of the swimmer.