The softly backlit glass panels bring a modern appeal to the space, providing a bright contrast to compliment the dark wood accents throughout the lobby. The lantern-like glow of the decorative glass ceiling is due to multiple applications of ceramic frit on more than one surface. This layering technique of applying frit gives a semi‐transparent look to the glass, which diffuses ‐ not obscures ‐ the light transmission.

Goldray’s Silkscreened Ceramic Frit is an enamel ink that is applied to the glass and permanently fused to the surface at temperatures in excess of 1200°F. Multiple colors, effects and patterns can be created. When design detail and budget are important, this product is the most cost‐effective, flexible and durable way of applying decorative elements to glass.

To ensure that the decorative glass canopy was safe to use in an overhead installation, Goldray tempered and laminated the glass panels, increasing the overall strength and providing fallout protection in the event of any breakage. These combined techniques create a safe and seamless design that allows the architectural glass canopy to flow from inside to out.