AltaLink Head Office

Corporate colors used in HQ design

AltaLink D8500011141414LWeb v2
AltaLink D8500004153821LWeb
AltaLink D8500010152127LWeb
AltaLink D8500011141414LWeb v2
AltaLink D8500004153821LWeb
Project Details

Calgary, Alberta


Glass Wall Cladding,Glass Partitions and Doors



Type of Glass

Solid Color Transparent,Graphics

The Story

AltaLink wanted a nice bright space for their employees. A contrast to their previous space which was quite dark and dated.

A well know icon across the province,  AltaLink is responsible for building and maintaining the power poles and grid for Alberta. Their vision was to bring in aspects of connectivity and imagery of the large ‘cross-cross’ power line towers that are seen across Alberta’s landscape.

The colors used on multiple floors also serve as way-finding – blue for the entrance, red for the stairs/washrooms, and green for the kitchen/copy areas. This way, no matter what building or floor you’re on, you know relatively where to find things.

Our Team


Kasian Architecture


Bennett Glass

Sales Rep

Goldray Glass

AltaLink D8500010152127LWeb

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