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Creating an inviting atmosphere using glass panels

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Project Details

Schaumburg, IL


Glass Railings,Glass Wall Cladding,Vision Glass



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The Story

From the beginning, the company and design team aimed to achieve LEED Platinum status, a lofty goal that required careful planning and material selection. One of the criteria for achieving a LEED designation is great access to daylight. To maximize natural light, the team incorporated glass on both the exterior façade and throughout the interior, bringing light deeper into the office space.

Goldray's decorative glass was used to create the open, airy atmosphere envisioned by Goettsch Partners. The panes of decorative glass all feature a delicate horizontal line pattern created using Goldray's silkscreened ceramic frit process. The striped decorative glass is used throughout: on the building’s glass railings, on the elevator surroundings, as wall cladding, and along the mezzanine perimeter of the lobby. To add a personal touch, our team used our advanced color matching process to match Zurich's royal blue corporate color, on glass. The backpainted glass panels were then silkscreened with the same horizontal line pattern to unify the design.

Our Team


Goettsch Partners / Interior Designers: CannonDesign


Ventana Design-Build Systems

Sales Rep

Craig MacGregor - MacGregor Architectural Products

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