Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

Historic buildings can incorporate fun into designs

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20151014 Muller Muller Lincoln night 4mp
Project Details

Chicago IL


Vision Glass



Type of Glass


The Story

Muller+Muller architects from Chicago were selected to lead the expansion of a school located in a landmark district, where preservation guidelines must be followed. The architects designed the new wing as an extension of the original building, using materials that matched the original, but added modern elements such as Goldray's colorful dichroic glass panels for the rooftop play area.


The glass creates a colorful shift when viewed from different angles, and adds a playful and whimsical appeal to the buildings façade and childrens play area. Architect Nicholas Micheels enjoyed working with the glass as it offers a unique and engaging user experience. According to Micheels, an architect on the Muller+Muller project team, dichroic laminated glass was chosen as “it added a playfulness to the façade and the children’s play area by rendering a vibrant array of colors onto it’s many exterior surfaces”.

Our Team




Vitralum Industries

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Craig MacGregor - MacGregor Architectural Products

20151014 Muller Muller Lincoln kids 4mp

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