Marriott Houston Elevator Cab

Size matters when the theme is out of this world

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Marriott Marquis 2edited
Project Details

Houston, TX


Glass Elevator Cabs


Service / Recreational

Type of Glass


The Story

The elevator cabs give tribute to the well-known fact that Houston is recognized as the world capital of space exploration with NASA space center. Each of the six cabs was adorned with a different space photo, some of which included an astronaut floating weightlessly in space as well as a stunning view of earth from the International Space Station. The three glass panels in each elevator were created using a technographic interlayer application that transformed the images into a durable, photographic tribute to space exploration. These images leave an out-of-this-world impression that is both breathtaking and thought-provoking.

Once a parking lot, this space has been transformed into a distinguished Houston skyscraper. The Marriott Marquis does a wonderful job of celebrating the unique characteristics of Texas and bringing a sense of community to the conference center.

Our Team


Morris Architects / Looney & Associates


Travertine Elevator Interiors

Sales Rep

Gloria Johnson - SCI

Marriott Marquis 026 4mp

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