Chicago O'Hare Airport Glass Partitions

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OHare Entry Lower Wall Mezzanine Photo 4
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OHare Entry Lower Wall Mezzanine Photo 4
Project Details

Chicago, IL


Glass Partitions and Doors,Glass Railings



Type of Glass

Partial Privacy,Printed

The Story

Complimentary decorative glass was installed in the Chicago O'Hare Airport: Terminal 5 restrooms and second-floor mezzanine balustrades to create a cohesive design throughout the terminal. The balustrade features a graphic representation of flight patterns, positioning Terminal 5 as the "Gateway to the World" and creating a unique sense of place visible to arriving and departing passengers.

John Kolb - Epstein Global's associate Vice President and Lead Architect on this project, in describing the design intent said, "Chicago Airport Terminal 5 was designed 21 years ago by Perkins+Will. It's modern, clean design is recognized and appreciated. We did not want this to feel like a renovation that didn't consider the existing architecture. Instead we wanted to adhere to it, but make it better".

Our Team


Epstein Global


VEI Supply

Sales Rep

Craig MacGregor - MacGregor Architectural Products

OHareI smaller v2

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